Complete Makeover

We offer a unique blend of virtual and in-person makeover services! We specialize in creating stunning makeovers through personalized wardrobe styling, fashionable clothing, accessories, and expert makeover consulting, tailored to suit your individual needs. Choose from our diverse makeover tiers:

Tier 1: "Fashionable Refresh" - Virtual Makeover
With our Virtual Makeover, you can embark on a style journey from the comfort of your own home. Here's what you can expect:

1. Personalized Makeover Consulting: We'll start with a virtual consultation where our makeover experts will take the time to understand your unique style preferences, fashion goals, and any specific occasions you'd like to prepare for.

2. Expert Wardrobe Styling Suggestions: Based on your preferences and body type, our stylists will curate a personalized selection of fashionable clothing and accessories. You'll receive a virtual lookbook with outfit recommendations that match your style and needs.

3. Accessible & Convenient: Enjoy the flexibility of exploring your makeover options at your own pace. The virtual format allows you to review the styling suggestions and make selections at a time that suits you best.

Price: $75

Tier 2: "Chic Transformation" - In-Person Makeover
For those seeking a hands-on makeover experience, our In-Person Makeover offers a delightful journey of style discovery:

1. Immersive Consultation: Meet our expert makeover consultants for an in-person consultation. We'll discuss your style preferences, body shape, and any specific events or occasions you want to prepare for.

2. Fashion Boutique Experience: Browse through our carefully curated collection of fashionable clothing and accessories. Our consultants will guide you in selecting the perfect pieces that reflect your personality and suit your body shape.

3. Personalized Makeup Recommendations: Our makeover experts will provide makeup tips and suggestions to complement your chosen outfits and enhance your overall appearance.

Price: $150

Tier 3: "Glamorous Occasion" - Virtual & In-Person Makeover
Experience the best of both worlds with our Glamorous Occasion Makeover, combining virtual and in-person elements:

1. Virtual Makeover Consultation: Begin with a virtual consultation to discuss your upcoming special occasion. Share your preferences and style requirements to kickstart the makeover process.

2. Boutique Experience: Schedule an in-person styling session. Try on fashionable clothing and accessories handpicked for you based on the virtual consultation.

3. Makeup Tips & Suggestions: Our experts will provide you with makeup tips and recommendations to ensure you look glamorous for your special event.

Price: $250

Tier 4: "Ultimate Style Portfolio" - Virtual & In-Person Makeover
The Ultimate Style Portfolio offers a comprehensive and ongoing makeover experience to elevate your style game:

1. Ongoing Virtual Consultation: Enjoy multiple virtual sessions with our makeover consultants to refine and evolve your personal style. Discuss new trends, seasonal updates, and style inspirations.

2. Personalized Style Portfolio: Build your very own style portfolio that includes outfit recommendations, clothing combinations, and accessory pairings. Access this portfolio anytime for quick fashion inspiration.

3. Exclusive Access & Discounts: Benefit from early access to our limited edition collections and enjoy special discounts on future purchases as a valued Ultimate Style Portfolio member.

Price: $500

No matter which makeover tier you choose, our focus remains on wardrobe styling, fashionable clothing, and accessories. Please note that we do not provide full beauty services, but our makeover consulting will guide you in enhancing your overall appearance to achieve the desired look.

Invest in yourself today with our Complete Makeover Services, and let's create a remarkable style story together. Embrace your unique beauty, boost your confidence, and unlock your full potential.

With my guidance and expertise, your style journey will be a transformative adventure that enhances every aspect of your life. To book your session or inquire about group rates, contact us at Our team is excited to elevate your style and make your fashion dreams a reality!