Hi I’m Amy, the founder of Boutique Darling. I appreciate having a close relationship with my customers, we are like family!! We have several warehouses in Reno and LA and are primarily online based. I've had many fulfilling moments getting creative and sharing this passion of fashion expression with all of you!! I’d like to take a couple minutes to share my story with you, but before i do know it brings up a lot of self courage and vulnerability for me and it is also just as important to me that you know what happened and what makes me who I am today.
When I was younger i met my late husband and the father of my child. I was the typical 1950’s traditional housewife until 2012 going into business as an advocator for the elderly. This passion for helping those in need ultimately lead me to co create a successful and community respected business caring for seniors.
At the end of 2018 our lives would be forever altered as my husband lost his two year cancer battle to leukemia and our worlds were absolutely crumbled and turned upside down. There are times in our lives that it just doesn’t feel real and at that moment everything is unknown, this is one of those times for our family.
Through getting completely lost in grief It led me to give up the ownership of my business and focus on much needed deep personal healing which I learned along the way was something I would need to live with and that some things you can’t fix but you can still find joy in this world while processing and healing the best you can while ultimately having to find a new reality.
My friends and family with their empathy, love, and support has been one of the biggest blessings in the most challenging moments of our lives. This journey has led me back to this passionate desire within me to create and find fulfillment in the little things that are actually the big things. This mindset led me to arrive at the decision to build another business and this time i would make it into something I could both be passionate and creative with and make a living for my little family. We came up with the name Darling from my grandmother who used to say it to us all the time and was a source of love and comfort for us. We have so much to be grateful for and finding and appreciating the beauty in this life is one of the many gifts we can share together!
When you purchase from us you are supporting our journey and giving hope and we don’t take that lightly. Thank you so very much for being a loyal customer and supporting Boutique Darling!!!